Visual Abstracts
for several Fields of
Scientific Research

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Erarbeitung eines Konzepts und einer visuellen Linie
Umsetzung im Austausch mit den Forschenden

Infografiken für Animationen, Posterdruck als Leitsystem im Gebäude
und Einsatz in Print und Online Publikationen

Zukunftskolleg, Universität Konstanz


How to transform a Research Topic to a Visual Abstract:

Step 1
Write 4-5 sentences to describe your research topic in a nutshell. Avoid technical jargon. Explain the topic with generally understandable words. So simple that your grandmother could understand. So short that it fits on a postcard. Add 1 or 2 pictures.

Step 2
Print out the received sketch. Correct or add to the drawing where something should be improved or changed. If necessary repeat this until the sketch fits.

Step 3
Last look at the final digital version. Everything correct? Ready!

Thank you very much for helping to make the uniqueness and diversity of research in the Zukunftskolleg visible.